Zack Hendry – Plantation Pineapple

He says:

Z: I discovered plantation pineapple while I was in Australia with my wife Gönke, we were living in Bondi Beach and I was working at a cool bar called Neighborhood. Apparently, for the last few years, Sydney would get a few hundred bottles delivered and after a few months be sold out so it was an exciting seasonal rum. Neighbourhood bar was a pretty awesome place where it wasn’t frowned upon to have shots during work. In fact, it was almost a standard part of a good shift. So after several bottles of shots, I suppose it left a great impression from a really cool and fun time and every time I drink it or play with Plantation pineapple it brings me back.

Stefan Hofer from Hofer Wine and Spirits describes it this way:

Plantation Dark Pineapple It is created by the special production process: pineapples are peeled by hand and cut into pieces. The flesh is planted in Plantation Original Dark-Rum for three months, the bowls in white Plantation 3 Stars for a week. The two macerates are distilled separately, then married, and rest for three months in a barrel so that Blender know-how at its best. What started as a fun idea and was planned as a limited edition for a couple of Bartender friends in Chicago is now on the market in Europe.

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