Tyrconnell by Damien Guichard

Tyrconnell / spirit of the week by Damien Guichard

” I’ve always liked Tyrconnell. It’s an affordable irish single malt that doesn’t get used in cocktails that often. I chose to use it because it already has the tasting notes I needed to combine it with the sesame oil and the other ingredients in the drink. It’s malty and toasty at first and once the first burn is over you get notes of apricot, citrus and honey. I enjoy the heavy notes of cereal, the barley really comes through. I wanted to put together a cocktail that would be approachable while yet having layers and complexity. This product is also very affordable.”
-Damien Guichard

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30ml Sesame Oil Fatwashed Tyrconnel
20ml Madeira
20ml Lemon Juice
10ml Merlet Apricot Brandy 10ml simple syrup

Shaken. Topped with Dry Champagne or Cremant

Garnished with drops of sesame oil

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