“This sh*`s gonna have nuts in it” – Kaj Gara

Kaj Gara`s signature cocktail

What`s your inspiration for this cocktail?

The aim- easy, delicious & interesting cocktail, with my favourite ingredients. A sour. Pears are in love with nuts. That’s a common pairing. Instead of classic, citrus flavour- lemongrass cordial as the souring agent. Just a little bit of Frangelico. This bastard is strong and we need it only as a background. And as a first nut. Then some sustainability- tincture made with burnt pizza dough from Dirty Gym. Pears go delicious with grainy flavours as well, so we don’t have to worry about bitters anymore. The flavour profile is ready, but we need one more nut to have nutS in it. Crushed walnuts on the salty angostura candy go for the garnish. For the win.

In my cocktails, I look for a catchy name/ calling something to a guest’s mind or being a bit controversial. All at once if possible. I’m a big Deadpool fan, and the name of the cocktail is his quote from the first movie. Catchy, controversial, funny. WIth nuts in it.

 Burnt pizza tincture. (Works great with bread etc.)Take some pizza dough. Burn it till it’s black as my sense of humour. Crush it and cover with some highproof vodka. Leave it to infuse for 24h. Strain it squeezing hard all of the liquid. Then burn another part of dough and cover with strained mixture. Infuse 24h. Repeat the process one more time, squeeze and strain well and be amazed of how many flavour is burned inside this liquid.

"This shit’s gonna have nuts in it"

Recipe (ml):
45ml Fassbind Vieille Poire
30ml lemongrass cordial
5ml Frangelico
5dash burnt pizza tincture
20ml egg white

Method: dry shake all ingredients / shake with ice / double strain into coupette glass

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