Purple Storm by Denis Lungu #bartenderoftheweek

"The Purple Storm" by Denis Lungu

D:I recommend listening to VIVALDI “La Tempesta di Mare” (The Sea Storm) while enjoying the cocktail.

  • flavor description

Sour – fresh – sweet 

  • Inspiration 

The storm on the Caribbean Sea: The cocktail is crystal clear like the Caribbean water just before a storm. As soon as the butterlfy pea tea is filled in the cocktail it becomes purple like a dark and stormy sky. This image was seen once upon a time from the pirates shipping the rum.

"The Purple Storm"

  • 4 cl of Diplomatico Planas
  • 3 cl of Supasawa
  • 2 cl simple syrup
  • 1 cl of Butterfly Pea Tea water
  • 1 spray of cherry blossom bitter


Use a shaker to mix and shake the Diplomatico Planas, the Supasawa and the simple syrup. Strain it in a short tumbler filled with ice cubes. Caramelize on top the cherry blossom bitter. Serve the Butterfly Pea Tea water in a separate recipient.

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