“Pirouette” by Sebastian Cichowlas

"Pirouette" by Sebastian Cichowlas

  • flavour description

Body: medium

Aroma: Apple, Orange, Orange zest, mint, pungent spices

Flavours: cinnamon, nutmeg, cloves, dried flowers, hay, heather, honey, apple, orange zest, french oak, husk, porridge, grain

Sweetness: medium

Flavour intensity: Pronounced

Flavour Characteristics: matured whisky with pungent spices and autumn fruits

Finish : long and fresh with a pleasant after taste

Quality : high quality with unique blend 


  • Inspiration 

We all have dreams when we are kids, and because of them, we growing into something that we can call our own personal perfect blend. Our choices and mistakes count every day, and because of them, we grow to be a better version of ourselves. My tiki-inspired cocktail with both gold and granny smith apple juices complimenting the fruity notes of Chivas Regal 12 accompanied with cinnamon-spiced tea , triple sec and bitters. All those flavours are paying homage to my time as a ballroom dancer, the ritual of drinking tea with my mother and to the Chivas Brothers themselves, who pioneered the art of blending whisky in the mid-1800s. 

All of them combined in pirouette swizzling motion to create a perfect combination of both worlds.

Me and Chivas 12. 


60 ml Chivas regal 12

60 ml Pirouette blend*

 *Pirouette Blend 

 20ml granny smith apple juice

20ml jonagold apple juice

10ml ceylon cinnamon spice tea syrup

10ml Pierre Ferrand triple sec

1 dash barrel-aged bitters

Pour all ingredients to tiki glass and dry swizzle. Add crushed ice till three-quarters and swizzle again. Top up with crushed and add amazing garnish which is dried apple, mint spring and orange zest

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