Photography in bartender`s World with Steven Kohl #prelude

My blog is called “Bar Tourist” because I am a tourist of a different kind 😉 Instead of museums and old churches, I visit bars and restaurants. I find them much more interesting and the artistry behind some cocktail creations are honestly breathtaking. In contrary
to a traditional “art” here nobody looks weird at You when You want to put your lips on the piece
of art 😉
But let`s cut to the chase.
What are all the tourists known for?
Photographing everything they stumble upon during their travels. That is what We – tourists of all sorts – have in common.
One day I decided that it`s about the time to start taking better pictures for my blog. It never takes me a long time to put my money where my mouth is so I went to the shop, and with a very little knowledge about cameras and photography itself, I bought a gear that
I thought was terrific and still WITHIN my budget – NIKON D3400 with AF-S 35mm 1.8 G lens.
I had honestly no idea about photography and cameras. I have just heard from some people that this one is “OK.” So from one moment to another there I was with a new NIKON in my hands. I`ve watched a few tutorials on Youtube on how to handle the camera in manual mode (going PRO straight away), what mean these mysteriously sounding terms like “shutter speed”, “aperture” or “ISO” and so on.  I said “OK I get it, time for action” even though I was (in fact) completely green but very motivated
and hyped about the whole thing.
First I tested my NIKON on a cat that comes around to my place every now and then.
Shortly after that, I rushed to my workplace (Felix – a cocktail bar in Zurich) equipped with
the camera locked and loaded, ready for a heavy shootout  For the first few days, I was taking pictures of everything around my workspace from drinks to glassware, ice and so on.
 I also downloaded Lightroom CC and started brushing up my “artwork” with it. Now with a use of all my new tools, I thought that my photos looked terrific … all the vivid colors and sharp details… spot on! Not thinking too much, confident about my skills I rushed off to many bars around Zurich to take pictures of bartenders doing their thing – being AWESOME! 
I was really happy with the results of this project that I called #bartenderoftheweek. After a while, I started to look back at my pictures from a few weeks ago, and I slowly began to realize that they were not looking so great anymore. That was because I started doing what everybody does in a World of creative hobbies I started comparing my work with others. My way of thinking`s changed a lot once I checked out Steven Kohl`s photos on his fan page on Facebook (https://www.facebook.com/StevenKohlPhotography) and I understood instantly that there was still so much more to learn that even after two months of playing around with a camera I was still not sure of what I was doing in 100%… I was much closer to 40% 
Well… there and then I said to myself “if You want to learn, learn from the best” so I called up Steven and asked him for a few hours of his time to explain to me how does my camera actually work and how to control it. Luckily he agreed, and We both decided that We`re going to share with the rest of You guys (interested in photography) lessons from that day. We took one evening when Felix was closed and We made a small session there.
In three hours We`ve covered a lot of material with Steven. I`m still working on it to share the results of our session with You all. Now when I started this blog it`s going to be a lot easier and transparent. Stay tuned for more. To be continued…
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