Paul Hellman – Precario 100% Jamaican rum

Precario - 100% Jamaican Rum

Paul Hellman is a good colleague of mine and a rum lover. We met some time ago during his promotional trip with Revolte rum around Switzerland. Paul says that he`s a happy father of two children now. They are called Annina and Precario… the second one is a Jamaican rum.
Why is it so special?
Here is how the story goes.
Paul phones me up on a Thursday afternoon and asks if I`m in town because he`s in Zurich just for one day and he`s got with him a few bottles of a fantastic rum that he brought straight from Jamaica… in a barrel. Without thinking too long, I say “yes”. I pack my camera and leave for the first train to the biggest city of Switzerland.
I arrive in 25 Hours Hotel at “Cinchona” bar where I used to work. I love to see all the familiar faces, it gives me that feeling like I`m home. We meet with Paul at the bar and talk shortly about everything and nothing, but it`s a nice chat. Nevertheless, We both know why We`re here so after a few minutes We head up to his room where it`s a lot quieter and We can talk about his product in focus.

Me: So what do We have here Paul?
Paul: It`s my new baby <he says with a dreamy voice> Precario – 100% Jamaican single cask rum.

Me: Why Precario?
Paul: You see, in Latin it means “faith”. I needed a lot of it when I travelled to Jamaica looking to buy a barrel of rum that I could bring back to Europe and share this goodness with other rum enthusiasts. None of the distilleries wanted to even talk to me about selling a single barrel. They said that it`s no business for them since they sell whole containers to other importers and it`s just too much of a hustle. But I hadn`t lost my faith, and I kept looking. Eventually, I managed to stumble across one MAJOR player on the rum market (not allowed to say which), and I thought to myself… “I got nothing to lose, I`ll just ask”. Surprisingly they said “yes”!
That`s why I called it “Precario”. If I lost my faith in a success of this mission back then, We wouldn`t have been enjoying this fantastic product here today.

Me: Was it difficult to transport the whole barrel to Europe?
Paul: Extremely… but luckily one of my friends runs an international transportation company and he made it possible.

Me: You mentioned that this rum is aged right?
Paul: Yes, it`s a single cask (I opened it myself) rum aged for 11 years in ex-bourbon barrels.

Me: What versions are available now and where can We get them?
Paul: So We bottled two versions of this rum – one is 55% abv and second one 46% abv. Unfortunately (for me the opposite) the 55% is already gone. It got sold out within the first weeks. You can obviously buy it at my shop. Online or personally… I always encourage a personal visit because I love talking with my clients about spirits 😀
Come by and let`s have a talk – in Basel.

Me: What was the cask strength of “Precario”?
Paul: 59.1 %. We tried different options with Felix (owner of Revolte rum), and a conclusion was that nothing between 36% and 46% was good enough. Therefore We settled at 46% and 55% even though Felix insisted on keeping it at cask strength 😉

Me: Thank You Paul… We talked a lot now 😉 Let`s try these two beauties.
Paul: Let`s begin.

Precario 55% abv
colour: golden
nose: coffee • chocolate • vanilla
flavour (first): butter (very oily) • toffee • coconut
finish: oak• roasted walnuts • dried tropical fruits

Precario 46% abv
colour: light honey
nose: a bit smokey • chocolate • vanilla • dried peach
flavour (first): chocolate • vanilla • marzipan
finish: oak • vanilla • nuts

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