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Meet my #bartenderoftheweek - Olaf Trojnar!

Olaf about himself:
I’m a bartender for two years now.
When I started my journey in a students pub, pouring beers and some shots, I never dreamed that I’m going to be a head bartender in a real cocktail bar.
My hobby? Gliding. I fly gliders since my school days, there’s no better way to spend your free time, than hanging around, two thousand meters above the ground, without an engine, using the only power of nature, and that’s what I call a real “no waste policy”

"Midnight Reviver"

40ml Gin
20ml sweet vermouth
20ml triple sec
20ml lime juice substitute (malic and tartaric acid)
3 dashes of menthol absinthe
Pear, Fernet Branca and Baileys foam

You`re not originally from Wroclaw, but You`ve worked here for quite a while now. What is the hardest part about starting a new chapter in a new city?

To be honest, it wasn’t so hard, thanks to my friend Maciek. I’ve met him on a festival month before moving to Wrocław, and thanks to him it wasn’t a problem to get a job or find a flat. The hardest but still the coolest thing was the moment when I realised that there are so many bottles in bars around here. In my hometown I used to have max 2 different bottles of each alcohol, and here I am, in a place that has more than 100 Gins. It took a lot of work from me to learn things about the bottles around me, but there is no better thing to gain that knowledge

Where do You take your cocktail inspirations from?

Most of my cocktail inspirations I take from our pop-culture, things that you can see while scrolling your Facebook, or watching TV, but still I love to mix it with good old school classics.

Who would You point out as the most inspiring bartender for You and why?

That’s my actual boss, Tymon
He’s the type of guy that everybody knows, he’s freaky and charismatic, and what’s more important, his knowledge is enormous, and he showed me how to get it myself, but the most important, he invited me to work in such beautiful and high-level place- Lot Kury

The most annoying trend in the cocktail world now is …?

Not sure if it’s a trend but I see a lot of guys who are always getting angry when someone is ordering the mojito, blue Hawaiian etc. because they feel humiliated doing this. We can’t forget that it’s all about fun, it’s our job to make our guests evening nice, and if they want to get their favourite blue Hawaiian (which I’m a great fan btw) let’s make it their best one ever.

What is your weakest and strongest side

It’s hard to judge myself, but I think that I really need to work on my speed rounds game, and stress competition, and what am I good at? Someone said that I always smile, and that sounds like my best side behind the bar

Cocktail competitions – “yes” or “no way” – why?

100% yes. What can be better than meeting people from different places, and comparing your cocktail skills. By competing you can develop your cocktail making and presentation skill on a very high level. And of course, every after party with bartenders is a party to die for 😀

If You want to visit “Lot Kury” (and You definitely should) then go :

Lot Kury Wrocław

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