Michal Wrobel / Pod Papugami / Wroclaw

1. A short story of your bartending career and hobbies You have.

M: I`ve started working behind the bar in high school. I`ve worked in bars in Kolobrzeg, Poznan and Wroclaw. My hobby is street art.
I started my career as a waiter then I worked in a kitchen for a while.
After three years I finally got my dream job behind a bar in a 5-star hotel in Kolobrzeg. Next step was a big chance and a challenge to be a part of opening a bar in a Pacha club in Poznan (the famous franchise from Spain).
After some time I moved to Wroclaw and been living here for the past four years working on various projects until I found my place as a chef de bar at Pod Papugami.

2. What was the cocktail recipe that You`re proud of the most and why?

M: I am most proud of my cocktail called “Buena Vista Social Club”. It consists of dark rum of infused cocoa, honey water and chamomile. It is smoked with chocolate tobacco. I am proud of him because he loses the old-fashioned stereotypes and is both complex and light.

3. What would You consider the most difficult thing about being a bartender?

M: The difficulty of working behind the bar depends on the type of place you work. For me personally, the most challenging part of my job is to work until late hours.

4. Who (from a bar industry) inspires You the most and why?

M: The most inspiring is my friend Konrad Kaczmarzyk. His crazy ideas behind the bar still surprise me and draw me

5. Where would You like to be in 5 years?

M: In 5 years I see myself on a cover of the playboy… or behind the bar in your dream cocktail bar 😉

If You ever visit Wroclaw You have to visit Michal and taste his delicious. cocktails. You can find a map how to get there under the link below:

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Pod Papugami Wrocław

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