Martin Swidzinski about Fassbind & Masumi / #bartenderoftheweek

Martin Swidzinski about Fassbind & Masumi / #bartenderoftheweek

M:The Masumi is (in my opinion) a perfect classic sake. A clear and very fruity smelling sake that can be drunk from chilled to warm. Personally I like it slightly warmed. But it is also ideal to mix because of it`s strong aromas and rice flavours. It`s very suitable for umami drinks. 

M:Fassbind a king among the fruit brandys. Most brandies are clear. This one goes for 1 year in oak barrels. That gives the fruit brandy an incredibly aromatic and yet mild flavor. The colour almost reminds of a cognac. I personally like it because it has a very intense plum note with a nice sweetness. No matter if to mix or pure, it will bring a joy to everyone.

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