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It`s been a few days since I`ve done my guest shift at Little Barrel in Geneva during the Geneva Cocktail Week. I was invited by Mathieu le Chap to take over the bar for one evening. I was representing the Felix in Zurich where I work on a daily basis.
I`ve served cocktails created by each member of the team Felix based on French liquors from H.Theoria.

We`ve given names to our drinks inspired by artists who had lived and created in Geneva:

Hysterie de H.F. Amiel
•Rye Whiskey / H-Theoria hysterie / blackberry shrub/cranberry juice
by Lajos Horvath

strong (•••••) / main characteristic / type
•••• fruity & spicy short drink
( tumbler)

Procrastination de Voltaire
•gin / H-Theoria procrastination / lemon cordial / egg white / soda
by Felix Haag

strong (•••••) / main characteristic / type
••• fresh & herbal long

Perfidie de Jean Piaget

•mezcal / H-Theoria Perfide / beetroot & berry cordial / walnut tincture
by Kacper Dylak

strong (•••••) / main characteristic / type
•••• savoury & smoky short (cocktail

The Little Barrel`s been nominated to the best bar in Switzerland award by Mixology – Magazine of Bar Culture… and now I know why. Even though it`s pretty small (35-40 seats) the quality of the drinks and most of all hospitality is on the highest level.
I keep my fingers crossed for You guys. You deserve it with all the hard work that You`ve put into developing this concept.

H-Theoria… hmmm. I was not paid to write about the product but I will. You know why? Because I was wrong and I want to make up for this 😉 Basically I was pretty sceptical when I found out that this brand partially sponsors the evening and that I have to come up with some drinks based on it. Why? Becasue nowadays I hardly ever use liquors and I`ve replaced them with shurbs, cordials, syrups etc. But hey, how wrong was I (yes it happens every once in a while 😉 ). Find out for yourself – all three types (Procrastination, Hysterie and Perfidie) are totally different and present wide range of very brave combination of flavours.
They don`t belong to the cheapest but I tend to say that the quality comes with the price. 

Once again merci beaucoup Mathieu and Camille Hedin for making this happen. You rock!

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Little Barrel Geneve

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