Ivan Urech -multiple cocktail competitions champion

The other week I had a pleasure and a privilege to visit Ivan Urech a multiple cocktail competitions champion (recently also taking a second place during the Mocktail championship in Switzerland). I went to his bar armed in a camera, a few speedlights and a full clip of my nosy interview questions 😀 
You can see and read some of the results of that meeting below. Enjoy the read.

1. How many different bar concepts have You worked at? What would You say that was the most valuable lessons taken from each one of them?

„I think it’s really important to catch up all kind of different concepts. When your young, its great to learn really hard the basics at  4-5 Star hotel bar establishments, but later on its also really important to life and make it through pubs, clubs and high volume bars, so you learn different systems an technics. And never forget, you will learn from every chef and concept even when it’s “shit”. It builds up your personality and also your creativity.

2. How would You describe Atelier Bar and what makes this concept so exceptional?

My bar is situated in a beautiful 500 year old cellar and located in the old town centre of a small town near the most beautiful mountains of Switzerland. Since 15 years l’m going through this process of teaching and influencing about cocktails and products. Now with the new age of cocktail culture, my time has come, l can harvest. And with the successes in some of the competition, the people gave us more attention. Our speciality are the storytelling and the mocktails.

3. What have You learned from numerous cocktail competitions that You’ve done? Have You always been winning ?

„ln my region at that time l was the only competitor. l had Nobody who could teach me how to do it. I’ve lost so many times. But every lost made me stronger. I never gave up. But it was also backbreaking. After a while l learned out of my faults a made it to the podium.

Now l teach my employees not to do the same mistakes.

4. As a cocktail bar owner, how have You dealt with the Covid-19 situation in Thun? What were the most difficult obstacles to overcome? How’s the bar situation after the lockdown that was put on hospitality until 11.may?

„It was a really weird situation. In the first moment l haven’t realised whats going on. Then l went trough a process of management and designed a couple of different kind of scenarios. Lucky me l have a terrace, which gives us the chance to reopen at the 11 of may. Actually l got so busy that I had to hire two more employees , which is not a very usual “after-lockdown” trend in our industry. But l have no idea what will fall and winter bring. Let`s hope for the best

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